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Professional Skywriting
Gender Reveals!

Have you ever looked up in the sky and seen Skywriting? Did you see us over Los Angeles today?  It warms our hearts to see the excitement of someone else’s message while the suspense keeps our attention looking skyward.  It’s easy to understand why people dream and share the pleasure of these messages for their own.  Paint the sky with your mind at the perfect place and time. The sky is your canvas and the airplane is your paint brush. Plan your special surprise or celebration today. Book your messages now for the week of 4th of July, 2024. We are available where you are. 

Marriage Proposals

Marriage Proposals

Gender Reveals

Gender Reveals

Custom Messages

Custom Messages

Who We Are

About Us.

We are a Los Angeles based aerial advertising company with expertise in Skywriting and Skytyping personal and commercial messages in the sky at any location Nationwide. We are the current “Keeper” of this timeless tradition that has lasted over 100 years. We are NOT a broker or salesperson, but rather the direct source for these services. Our Skywriter has over 4 decades of flight experience to also include Skywriting. This business was created with the passion of flight and the imagination of making the sky your own billboard. Our goal is to cater to our clients and successfully create a writing in the sky visible from the ground. We are your personal guide for commanding the Skies. My Skywriter uses both traditional and modern techniques in bringing you the very best in sky messages.

What We Do

Our Services.

We offer Sky Message Superiority with personalized messages, characters, symbols and logos that are created by Skywriting or Skytyping for any size audience to view. Some of the most popular messages are Skywriting Proposals, Happy Birthday’s and just to say “I Love You”  The most favored places and uses are for Aerial Advertising, product branding Sporting Events, and the local beaches. We have access where the others don’t. Our Skywriter typically flies at 11,000 feet or higher and is well above most sensitive airspace. The letters we write are nearly a mile in height and can be seen from 15 miles away, while airplane banners have 6 foot letters and can be viewed from only about 1200 feet away.

We also specialize in using colored smoke for Gender Reveal announcements to be seen in the sky over your personal event.

In addition to Skywriting, we also offer aerial burial services in which we scatter the ashes of your loved ones at sea by aircraft.

Why Choose Us?

We are a professional company that listens to our clients. Our goal is catering to your unique needs while helping to create your perfect personalized message written out in the sky. Skywriting is perfectly timed to the minute, we are never late.

We are the REAL DEAL and not a broker or salesperson. Talk to the actual Skywriter Pilot to discuss the best options for maximum results and effectiveness. My objective is to give you the best return on your investment.

Size matters, Skywriting is so much more visible due to the 5,280 foot tall letters we write that can be viewed for 10-15 miles in all directions, while airplane banners use 6 foot letters that can only be viewed up close.  We have access where others don’t as we fly high above all of the sensitive airspace and flight restrictions.

Our Skywriting technology has been perfected over decades to give us the edge over being the best at what we do. Our proprietary equipped aircraft and experience gives us the advantage and success to write your message in the sky. The techniques used today have been adopted from prior generations totaling over 8 decades of combined Skywriting experience. This practice has been updated to bring you the latest in Skywriting.

We have nationwide capability and can bring Skywriting to your location or you can travel to beautiful California to celebrate your special message at a location of your choice.

For those that are local, we are based in Van Nuys and Chino, CA in the heart of commerce in close proximity to Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Downtown Los Angeles and the surrounding beaches of Southern California.

While weather in other states is seasonal, our sunny California weather conditions typically allow the ability to Skywrite year-round. Skywriting is a perfectly timed event and is executed to the minute. We take pride at always being on time and are never late.

Custom Messages
Gender Reveals
Ashes Scattering

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