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Fun Facts / FAQs

Here Are Some Fun Facts and FAQ s About Skywriting

These are some great reasons to consider Skywriting over other forms of aerial advertising.

  • Skywriting can be seen by millions of people.
  • Skywriting letters are nearly one mile in height, while airplane banners typically use 6 foot letters.
  • Skywriting is done above most airspace and (TFR’s) temporary flight restrictions area.
  • Stadiums, Theme Parks and Motor Sport events? No Problem! We fly high above those restricting airspace limitations.
  • Skywriting can be seen from many miles away. Sky banners can only be seen 500-1200 feet away.
  • Skywriting has the WOW factor. It is so much more impressive to see.
  • Everyone loves to see Skywriting. It is traditional and romantic at the same time.
  • We have Nationwide capability and can mobilize to any part of the country for your message, usually in a day.
  • Skywriting can be performed at sunset when airplane banners are usually on the ground.
  • Skywriting is suspenseful as it captivates the audience below.
  • We can create your personal or business logo in the sky.